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Parking at Düsseldorf Airport: a good trip from the start

What should you do with your car? We’d say park it at one of over 20,000 parking spaces at Düsseldorf Airport! Park particularly close to the terminal in the orange TERMINAL fare zone. It’s particularly cheap in the yellow LONG-TERM fare zone and the popular LONG-TERM SAVINGS fare zone is labelled in red. Colours show you the way to the parking space of your choice, on all maps as well as on our parking guidance system. Please note our parking guidance system labels the LONG-TERM SAVINGS parking spaces in yellow (like the LONG-TERM spaces) instead of red.

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At a glance: how full are the fare zones at present?

Parking zone
Long Term
Long Term Savings
Current status

Would you like to reserve a specific parking space prior to your arrival? You can reserve a parking space for the TERMINAL area online for only 6 euros (reservations can be made until midnight on the eve of your arrival), or you can book one of our holiday rates for the LONG-TERM and LONG-TERM SAVINGS areas, conveniently paying in advance. Make your reservation now

Click here to see an overview of our parking charges.

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Parking on the safe side: with our online reservations

Take advantage of the option of reserving a parking space at the car park of your choice at Düsseldorf Airport in advance, up to midnight on the eve of your arrival. Simply arrive and claim your parking spot – without taking a car park ticket.


Use our online reservation system to reserve any parking space at the parking garage or car park of your choice. When you reserve, we guarantee that a parking space will be kept free for you at the specified parking garage or car park at the arrival time you designate. Our internal parking guidance system will guide youquickly to the next available parking space.


Please note that only a limited number of parking spaces can be made available for reservation.


Here’s how it works:


Making your reservation is as easy as taking off. Take a look at what’s currently available by clicking on “Car parks” to see an interactive map. If you prefer to be next to the terminal, park your car in the TERMINAL fare zone (orange). Should you wish to park for a particularly low price, select a car park in the LONG TERM fare zone (yellow) or the LONG-TERM SAVINGS fare zone (red). All LONG-TERM and LONG-TERM SAVINGS car parks are connected to the terminal by SkyTrain or shuttle bus or are no more than a 15-minute walk to the terminal.


You can also start your reservation procedure right now by clicking on “Reserve car park” or going to the “Reservations” tab to select the arrival and departure times you require. Once you do that, you will be shown all the parking options available during that period. Select the car park or parking garage you require and reserve a free parking space for the length of your trip using the online form.


You will be required to pay a reservation fee of 6 euros (8 euros for spaces in the Premium Parking area of car park P3) for all parking spaces in the TERMINAL zone. Payments can be made via credit card or ec card. This fee is for providing you with the parking space up to one hour before and after your announced time of parking in the TERMINAL fare zone. You can book a parking space for the LONG-TERM and LONG-TERM SAVINGS fare zones online and conveniently pay in advance. You may enter to park in these fare zones up to four hours earlier and six hours later than your planned arrival time, even if the sign says the car park is “FULL”. After this six-hour period, your reservation will expire.


Please either use your ec card or your credit card – instead of a car park ticket – to enter and also leave the car park where your reserved space is located. Please insert your credit card or ec card into the ticket dispenser on arrival. Provided that you are arriving during the reserved time period, the machine will recognise your card and the barrier will open. You may now drive in. Please note that you will also need this card to open the exit barrier when you leave.


You no longer have to wait to pay at a pay machine, since your parking fee is automatically debited to your credit card or ec card. You will receive a receipt for the parking fee charged when you leave the car park.



Please click here to see the frequently asked questions about online reservations.

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More than 20,000 parking spaces for everyone – and every need

Arriving by car at Düsseldorf Airport couldn’t be more comfortable or convenient right from the start, especially when you're in a hurry or travelling on holiday with a lot of luggage.

Business travellers appreciate our TERMINAL parking spaces, which are only 5 minutes away from the terminal at Düsseldorf Airport. Holiday travellers especially like our low-price parking in the LONG-TERM and LONG-TERM SAVINGS fare zones. These parking garages and car parks are no more than a 15-minute walk to the terminal or they are connected to it by a shuttle bus or SkyTrain. This means that you, too, get to the terminal in a matter of minutes and with the greatest convenience.

People wishing to reserve a specific car park prior to their arrival – either because they want to park particularly close to the terminal, or they want to park at a particularly low price – can easily reserve online: parking spaces for the TERMINAL area can be reserved for only 6 euros until midnight on the eve of your arrival. Alternatively, you can book a space in the LONG-TERM and LONG-TERM SAVINGS areas, by conveniently paying in advance! Make your reservation now!

You can find detailed information about the occupancy status of the car parks and parking spaces in the TERMINAL, LONG-TERM and LONG-TERM SAVINGS areas here.

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Directions: how to get to Düsseldorf Airport

By car
Düsseldorf Airport has its own exit on the A 44 autobahn. Click on Google Maps to find the fastest and/or shortest route from your location to Düsseldorf Airport free of charge. You can then print out the map and directions to arrive at your destination safely.

 Print directions

Tip: heavy traffic on the way here?
Click here to check out the traffic news for the motorways around Düsseldorf Airport so you can pick the best route to arrive on time.

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SkyTrain: glide to the terminal

Parking garages P4 and P5 are connected to the terminal by SkyTrain. It only takes about 2 minutes to get to the terminal, or get back to your car. Your car park ticket serves as a ticket for the SkyTain, too. The SkyTrain stops at both Terminal A/B and Terminal C and leaves every 3.5-7 minutes.

Click here for information about the SkyTrain!

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Arrival and departure: driving up, stopping and short-stay parking


There is no room for you to stop or park at the curb in front of the Arrivals hall. However, the short-stay car park P12 is available directly in front of the Terminal C Arrivals hall. It’s a short walk from here to the Arrivals area. It is recommended that you do not leave your car here for more than 30 minutes. 


Drivers who would like to accompany passengers to the departure area can use the short-stay car park P11 near Terminal C Departures. It is recommended that you do not leave your car here for more than 30 minutes. 


Short-stay and same-day parking for the Terminal C area
A short walk away: we recommend that business travellers flying with airberlin and visitors coming to pick up relatives, friends and colleagues from Düsseldorf Airport park in the underground parking garage P8. There you can park (almost) in the terminal itself and the lifts will take you right to the departure or arrivals area.


Short-stay and same-day parking for the Terminal A area:
A short covered walk away: we recommend that passengers flying with Lufthansa or the Star Alliance use parking garage P7. It is connected directly to Terminal A by a covered pedestrian bridge and offers easy-to-reach, generously proportioned parking spaces that are only a 2-minute walk to the check-in area.

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Height restrictions in the parking garages: the right place for your car

Is your vehicle under 1.90m? Then you can use any parking garage at Düsseldorf Airport. If the roof of your vehicle is higher than that, please consult the following table for parking options or use one of our car parks that have no height restrictions. Have a good trip!

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Passengers with disabilities receive special attention

We recommend that disabled passengers arriving with their own car park in the underground parking garage P1 directly under the terminal, or in parking garages P2 or P3.
Those with severe disabilities who possess a blue parking permit issued by the German Straßenverkehrsamt (Road Traffic Department) or a European equivalent are allowed to use the passenger parking spaces in the TERMINAL and LONG-TERM areas at Düsseldorf Airport free of charge (this does not include car parks P11 and P12). Merely possessing a disabled person’s pass does not entitle the owner to use the designated parking spaces for disabled persons. This special parking offer is only valid for the owner of the disabled parking permit, not for those who come to drop them off or pick them up. We request that those who accompany severely disabled children contact our parking service staff in advance.

When leaving our parking garage, please use the intercom at the exit to contact our staff. An employee of the parking garage operator will come to the exit to raise the exit barrier after making a note of your disabled parking permit and number plate.

Parking at Düsseldorf Airport
tel.: 0211-421-6637, fax: 0211-421-6640

Click here for more information about parking for disabled passengers 

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Secure parking: we keep an eye on things

You’ll find parking spaces under video surveillance in parking garage P2. There is a separate lane in the entry area that takes you to the secure parking area. Only authorised persons are allowed access. When you park here, your car is also insured. The fee for secure parking is 32 euros per day. Please reserve a parking space by contacting the parking service office by telephone at: tel. 0211-421-6637.

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Premium parking: our special service for you

We have set up a premium parking area on the departures level of parking garage P3, with separate, labelled parking spaces. Not only can you park close to the terminal, you also have a separate entry to your parking space on the departures level. It's only a short walk from here to the terminal on a covered walkway.


Click here now  to reserve a parking space in an area set aside for you that has its own entrance in the terminal parking garage P3. There is a one-off reservation fee of 8 euros. 

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Valet parking service: we park your car for you

For customers in a hurry or simply wanting convenience, our valet parking service is just what you’re looking for. Simply drive up to the departures level and stop in the specially designated lay-by, hand over your car keys and let us know which parking fare zone you require (secure parking, TERMINAL or LONG-TERM). You can head off to the terminal while we park your vehicle.


When you return, simply pick up your car key from the parking service office on the ground floor of P3. The service fee is 15 euros.  


If you wish, for an additional service fee of 15 euros, your car will be brought back to you at the valet lane.


The valet parking service office is open Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.; during these office hours you can simply drive your car directly to the valet lane on the departures level. Outside these opening times, you must telephone in advance. Telephone: 0211-421-6637.

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Car wash and repair service: first aid for your car

Is it that time again to give your car a thorough cleaning? While you’re doing business or enjoying your holiday, we’ll make your car shine inside and out for a service fee of just 37 euros (including car wash).


Do you drive an Audi? Then we can also inspect or repair your car during your trip. Simply call your repair order in to one of our partner auto repair shops and we’ll make sure they can pick up your car and bring it back. You can pick up your car key, order documents and invoice at the parking service office on the ground floor of P3 upon your return.

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Partner Phone Opening hours
Audi Zentrum Nordrhein 0211-7704-320 Mon-Fri 7 am - 6.30 pm
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When your car needs a little assistance

If you need a jump-start anywhere on the premises of Düsseldorf Airport, call our breakdown assistance on 0211-421-6637.

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Season car park ticket: convenient direct debiting for parking fees

Companies and travellers who park frequently at Düsseldorf Airport have the option of setting up a parking account. Using the season car park ticket registered in your name, you can enter and exit the parking facilities with one vehicle. The parking fees incurred will be tallied and billed to you monthly by direct debit.

You can pick up a season car park ticket from the parking service office on the ground floor of P3. Alternatively, you can order one online at www.apcoa.de.

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Prepaid car park ticket: cashless parking

Add money to your card and park. You can add more money to the card at any of our pay machines. Before you leave, simply have the pay machine or cashier deduct the parking fees.

You can pick up a prepaid car park ticket from the parking service office on the ground floor of P3. Alternatively, you can order one online at www.apcoa.de.

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Refuelling: petrol for your car

There is a Shell filling station on site at Düsseldorf Airport between P5 and the car hire centre. It’s only a stone’s throw away from the terminal. Car hire customers can fill their tanks one last time “right next door” before returning their hire care.


Shell customers have the choice between standard diesel, super unleaded and V-Power Premium unleaded as well as CNG and LPG.


For more information, click here.

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Exclusive parking areas for airberlin and Lufthansa passengers

Exclusive parking area for topbonus Gold Card customers of airberlin


An exclusive parking area in parking garage P3 at Düsseldorf Airport is available to holders of the airberlin topbonus Gold Card. These parking spaces are right next to the exit and a short distance to the gate.

Here’s how Gold Cardholders can use the parking area:

  1. Please drive into parking garage P3 via the departures level.
  2. Insert your topbonus Gold Card into the ticket machine at the entrance to the airberlin area in parking garage P3.
  3. Take your special car park ticket.
  4. Drive directly to the topbonus parking area in parking garage P3.
  5. Show the car park ticket to the ticket reader.
  6. Take an exclusive parking space and relax! You only have to pay the normal parking fee by cash or card at the pay machine before you leave.
  7. Or drive directly to the exit and pay for your ticket there by credit card.


Exclusive parking area for Lufthansa HON members and First Class passengers
There is a separate parking area on level 2 of parking garage P7 with an access bridge to Terminal A for Lufthansa’s HON members and passengers flying first class. There’s no need to reserve a space in advance; simply drive directly to the entry gate and your parking space is guaranteed!




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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions for parking at Düsseldorf Airport click here.

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